Each SolWrap™ garment provides 90% UV protection, helping to protect from sun exposure and prevent photodamage. Built-in brrr° technology offers its Triple Chill Effect to keep you cool. The SolWrap™ Sport collection is designed for those who enjoy being active outdoors, and it includes tops and bottoms in performance fabric that wicks moisture. Select items from the SolWrap™ Sport collection can be insect shielded for additional protection. The SolWrap™ Resort collection combines comfort, protection and style for everyday lifestyle. A variety of color and flattering silhouettes round out the assortment.

Our Science

Science is the backbone of every SolVital product, which support the health of your whole body. By neutralizing the effects of free radicals produced by UV light and environmental stressors such as pollution, the powerful antioxidants in SolShield protect you internally, and our UV-protective SoilWrap clothing line protects you ecternally. Protecting you from the inside out™.